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Equality: A Male Reader X Ruby Rose Insert
Here lies your sanity, it will be missed... RIP.
I imagine that's how everyone felt when I said I would release this but never did. My computer broke, I've been trying to type this on my phone but I can't concentrate when on my phone. So, I realized that I was not giving you my best with my first attempt of the story... I've decided to fix that. Things have been changed because I feel this is the way my story should go. Also apparently Wattpad doesn't let me indent paragraphs and that's really annoying because I don't want to spam the space bar at the start of a new paragraph. Plus it would take me about 80 years before I got everything even so there will be no indents. I'm sure my Language Arts teacher is somewhere shaking her head at me.  So, as the usual, I do not own RWBY or you, just the plot. If I did own RWBY I'd make Volume 4 come quicker, that's for sure.
(Y/N) = Your name
(S/N) = Sister name ((Should I leave this open for you to insert or should I have a vote and the
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Yang X Gender Neutral Reader Songfic
You gotta play this [link]
It’s the same as the huge video, but if the video doesn’t show you’ll have the link       
I did it and have no regrets  
(There will be swearing) 
(Y/N)= Your Name
When he/she or him/her comes up it means that you choose the one according to the gender you are
(╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻
    Yang and (Y/N) thought it was just going a normal day, hanging about, walking into Vale, going to shops, pranking people, a perfect day. (Y/N) saw the woods, a smaller section that branches off Emerald Forest, but not technically connected and small enough to be labeled as woods. Yang and
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Chapters 1 2 male child (13) X RWBY insert
Ok, so this addition will be special. I realized that this isn't mature content material and DA won't let me change it, so I'm publishing chapters 1 & 2 together, sorry if this is an inconvenience. Anyway enjoy the story:D
11:00 PM, Atlas, 6 years ago (making you seven years old)
It all started with a bang. Four bangs to be precise. A pull of the trigger that changed (Y/N)'s life forever. 3 shots to the head and one to the right shoulder. Three bodies on the floor, and one losing conscious rapidly. The dark alley fading in and out.
Goon #1: Should I end the boy?
Goon #2: Do it, the boss would never know.
Goon #1 reloads and prepares to shoot
???: Now what do we have here?
Goons 1 and 2 stand to attention
Goon #1: B-Bossman (Authors note: I meant for that text to be stuttering, I hope I did that right) what are you doing here?
???: I came to check the mission, as you incompetent fools could do anything right. You almost kille
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Mature content
RWBY X male child(13) year old male!reader ch.1 :iconstarlord57:starlord57 18 88


Surrender by plastic-pipes Surrender :iconplastic-pipes:plastic-pipes 373 27 Yang Xiao Long by sculp2 Yang Xiao Long :iconsculp2:sculp2 117 10
Blind Love - Pharah
Hello guys! So here's my first OneShot! I hope you like it. And, there's and update schedule with new possible series, if you want to check: Schedule Update
And as always, feel free to comment, suggest and such.
(Y/N) - Your Name
Your suit - Suit
And Mistral, is like Cortana on Halo, as in terms of aiding you.
OverWatch HQ, Switzerland
It has been 2 years since you joined OverWatch, at the time you were introduced to everyone by Tracer, since you are her adoptive brother. And while there, you grew very fond, of the egyptian beauty Fareeha, or Pharah, as people called her. Even though, she was older than you, that didn’t stop you two from grow closer
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Neon Sound Ch. 2 (Neon Katt x Faunus!MaleReader)
You woke up the next day to the sounds of news broadcasts announcing the start of the Vytal Festival and Tournament. Heading downstairs, you saw your dad already having his morning coffee and reading a news article on his Scroll, a pair of plates of scrambled eggs and bacon on the table.
“There you are.” He said with a smile
“Morning pops.” You said as you sat down in dug in
“Easy there carnivore, don’t want you choking before the tournament starts.”
You came up for air and smiled, soon finishing breakfast before changing into your (f/c) T-shirt, blue jean and black sneakers and heading out to the festival.
Diving back into the sounds and smells, you met up with team RWBY before taking a ship to Amity Colosseum. You sat with Ruby and Yang as the professors made some opening remarks about the fighters as the two halves of the arena brought in the teams of Huntsmen. The first half brought four boys, each wearing heavy armor and wielding an imposi
:iconclockworkangel19:ClockworkAngel19 38 13
Neon Sound Ch. 1 (Neon Katt x Faunus!MaleReader)
Faunus are often seen as a minority throughout most of Remnant, save for Menagerie. Despite this, however, many Faunus are able to make a name for themselves. Plenty of Faunus have become Huntsmen or Huntresses that people look up to and others, having seen both sides of the Faunus story, make rather successful politicians. You, on the other hand, have made a name for yourself in a different way. You were sitting in your room, the hustle and bustle of downtown Patch passing by your window as you surfed the web on your laptop. The house-wide stereo system was playing a song from your upcoming album as you answered today’s chunk of fan mail.
(A/N): Startin' out Smooth
Even though you were only 18 you had made a name for yourself as Beowulf, one of the youngest DJs in Vale. It started out mostly online and as you grew in popularity you were asked to play in a few clubs around Vale, after that your dad brought some of your tracks to an old
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Hurt (YouShowLoveTheWrongWay 2)
It had been a couple hours since I stormed out of my house, and right now, it was still hard to keep still without shivering. It was mostly from the cold weather tonight, I found out later that it was 49 degrees outside. All I had on was a hoodie but underneath was a muscle shirt that was sixty million sizes too big for me. Still though, it was the only source of warmth I could have. I had ran far away from Yang and Ruby, it also occurred to me that they weren't apparently looking for me.
Was I supposed to be hoping that they were going to find me? Part of me was actually disappointed. I couldn't think of any place to go to, I would have considered going to Velvet's but I've never been to her house, so I couldn't find where she lived. Right now I was at a park, sitting in one of the swing sets. I kept trying to make my own heat and yet the harsh wind would blow down harder each time on my poorly clothed skin. I felt like I could just die from the cold. I was miserable, cold and heaving
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G____ The Garo Robe by Cerberus123 G____ The Garo Robe :iconcerberus123:Cerberus123 28 34 Winter is Coming by ejaylee Winter is Coming :iconejaylee:ejaylee 140 27
you. [m!reader x hermione granger]
Hermione strolled casually as she held books about advanced potion making, along with defensive spells, and even a few muggle books. She turned the corner, and frowned to herself as Draco Malfoy and his god-awful posse of Slytherins stood around him.
Upon seeing Hermione, Pansy’s face curled into a disgusting little grin that showed her teeth. The Gryffindor ignored them, attempting to pass them – however, Pansy Parkinson had different ideas. “Would you look here, Milli. It’s the Mudblood.” Millicent giggled quietly, and Hermione already felt like crying. She didn’t want to put up with this.
Pansy opened her mouth to say something else – but instead a voice got there before her, “What do you think you’re doing, Parkinson?” Pansy’s previous act soon turned into a flirtatious façade. “I’m just giving Granger here a talk. Unless you want to talk to me, [M/N]?” She fluttered her eyelashes and He
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Neo by drill5mm Neo :icondrill5mm:drill5mm 536 23
I Love You- Fem!Jacksepticeye x Male!Reader
Fem!Jacksepticeye x Male!Reader
((Requested. Though already done by someone else when I was still working on my own ;-;
And Shannon was the most Irish name I can think of that makes sense and fits.
Please don't hate this, I worked hard on it, even though it's trash DX))
"You should tell her." Mark hummed, stacking dishes into the dishwasher. You gripped your phone a little tighter, cheeks flaming red. "No. She doesn't like me, I can tell." You mumbled, (e/c) eyes staring hard at her contact, her smiling picture radiating confidence and happiness. A smile of your own made your face light up, but it was quickly snuffed out when Mark caught you.
"You'll never know if you just tell her. And can I borrow your phone for a minute? I need to find that one recipe for that tomato soup." Your eyes darted to his own phone just a mere half a foot away. "Use yours." You said warily, pulling your treasured device closer to your chest. "Why? Yours is already
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Guardian by Fl00rMaster Guardian :iconfl00rmaster:Fl00rMaster 28 8
Mature content
Neon Sound Ch. 3 (Neon Katt x Faunus!MaleReader) :iconclockworkangel19:ClockworkAngel19 37 22
Convention Days (2P!Nyo!America x Male!Reader)
________________ was at the convention. He was both nervous and excited. He was new in town, well semi new. He just started at the university and thanks to some coaxing out of his comfort zone, he decided to attend the local anime convention. He was a loner for the most part with only a few friends on campus but he wanted to get back to his roots and go to a convention. He knew it wouldn’t be like it used to be back at home with Samantha, aka Sammy, but he knew he had to push on. She threatened him otherwise.
“You’ve been in that town for almost a year!” she scolded over Skype the previous day, “Go out and have some fun! Find some friends! I don’t want to be your only friend ever,”
“I’m trying! Besides, I’m more worried about you! Is everything okay in the battlefield?”
“Yeah, everything is fine on our end. Thanks for the care package by the way!” she beamed, “I thought I was never going to be about to
:iconsilver-kitsuneneko:Silver-KitsuneNeko 31 26
Radiant Gems (One Shot)
OC Twins X Male Reader
[A/N: So I guess this is my 100 Watcher thank you story.]

        I was enjoying the crisp air on a walk around Beacon on my day off. It's nice to just take the time to relax and do nothing. Fighting is fun and all, but sometimes you have to stop and smell the roses. I feel the tension and stress of my training leave me as I took a deep breath. "(F/Name)!" Two similar voices shout. "And now it's back..." I sigh, hanging my head. I raise my head and turn around. Running towards me, smiles on their faces, are the Bijou twins; Sapphire and Jade. I met the two back in the Emerald Forest on initiation day when I stopped an Ursa Major from cleaving through the two. Along with my partner, Copper, we were placed on the same team. Ever since, the two have worked together flirting with and teasing me. Sapphire is the talker of the two and somewhat restrains what she says, whereas Jade tends to keep to herself but once she star
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RQ: NeonXMale!Reader
The young, hummingbird Faunus saluted his superior as he stood in his office of Atlas Academy.
“(y/n) Schnee reporting for duty General Ironwood!” he proclaimed.
“At ease soldier,” the headmaster said. (y/n) relaxed his stance as he waited for the general to continue, “I’ve already heard from your commanders, you’ve done a marvelous job in eliminating our foes of the sky.”
“I simply do what’s required of me sir.”
“Good, we expect nothing but the best from you. After all, you are the son of the strong Winter Schnee.”
“I can assure you that I’ll do everything in my power to make sure my mother’s name isn’t tarnished by my actions.”
“Well said. I trust you must be tired from your mission, take a few days off, I’ll call for you when something comes up.”
“Thank you sir! Have a good afternoon sir.” (y/n) saluted again and left the room in a formal manner.
:iconneo-chan7:neo-chan7 53 52



I'm still writing Chapter 2, don't worry. Even though it's been long, I won't give up. Sorry for my absence. Also, anyone want a side story with a vulgar protagonist? This would be a lot simpler there and it would be entertaining. I'd publish shorter chapters (like 3,000 to 5,000 words per chapter), going with the plot and adding some a few scenes of my own. He'd swear like I do, so everything would be entertaining to read.

I may do it anyway, because I could release that almost weekly or something and try to release my other story biweekly or every three weeks or something. Let me know what you think. Please.
Cubs win World Series 8-7, Extra innings... fly the W
I'm back!!! Sorry for the wait, my reboot of my Male Reader Insert is up... back and better than ever! It's a lot different from the old one, so read and enjoy!
Here lies your sanity, it will be missed... RIP.

I imagine that's how everyone felt when I said I would release this but never did. My computer broke, I've been trying to type this on my phone but I can't concentrate when on my phone. So, I realized that I was not giving you my best with my first attempt of the story... I've decided to fix that. Things have been changed because I feel this is the way my story should go. Also apparently Wattpad doesn't let me indent paragraphs and that's really annoying because I don't want to spam the space bar at the start of a new paragraph. Plus it would take me about 80 years before I got everything even so there will be no indents. I'm sure my Language Arts teacher is somewhere shaking her head at me.  So, as the usual, I do not own RWBY or you, just the plot. If I did own RWBY I'd make Volume 4 come quicker, that's for sure.


(Y/N) = Your name

(S/N) = Sister name ((Should I leave this open for you to insert or should I have a vote and then make it a set name? If you think it should be a vote, comment "Vote" and the name you want it to be. Please do no do Lizzie, or any other character name, that would be confusing and I have no intention of making the reader related to anyone canon in the show.))

Y'all that's it for now, my apologizes for being a total *bleep bleep bleep bleep bleeeeeeeep*. There will probably be some colorful language in this, enjoy.


"I believe that a person is solely defined by the changes they make, they way they act, not by the color of their skin, their physical or mental strength, or their species. Human and Faunus should be treated equally, unlawful discrimination will not be permitted. I will not stand by as this world is torn apart by the simple matter of race. Remnant deserves better. We cannot be allowed to be at conflict, this world is the only one we have. Civil War solves nothing, only succeeding in destroying the area around us and heightening tensions between people. Needless bloodshed shall be prevented. We must act, for if we don't nobody else will. I've been to Menagerie, seen the horror there. Hell, even the name promotes our mistakes. Menagerie- a collection of wild animals kept in captivity for exhibition. Faunus have been wrongly labeled. They are as human as us, so to speak. So what if they can see in the dark or have enhanced senses? So what if they have animal features? Does it automatically make them cruel, something we have to strive to destroy? No! If we continue to think like this we are the evil. No worse than the forces we condemn. No worse that Creatures of Grimm and the evils Huntresses and Huntsmen strive to eradicate. We need to act, for without a change there is no hope. I will devote all my time to uniting us as one, human and Faunus. Will you do the same? Will you make a change? I hope so... I look forward to seeing how you change our world for the better!"

A tentative clap sounded, slowly gaining speed. Others soon joined in and cheers were heard, a few hats were sent skyward as well. Human and Faunus alike were together, this being a place safe of prejudice and discrimination. Plenty interspecies couples were also there, a multitude of them hugging in happiness. They knew they had a powerful representative, someone who would strive to stop the injustice. The man smiled, turning to the chairs next to the podium. His loving wife sat in the chair closest to him, followed by his nine year old son and eleven year old daughter, sitting in the same chair. His grin became wider and in a spur of the moment decision he motioned for his family to come up on stage. The reason being that his wife and daughter were Faunus, his son and him being human. This fact prompted the crowd to go even wilder, cheers erupting from almost everyone. He kissed his wife and his daughter covered her brother's eyes as she looked away herself. Her brother did not object. Laugher was heard from a few of the crowd. His wife and daughter's tiger ears twitched almost simultaneously, taking in the sounds from the crowd. He and his son weren't Faunus, only his daughter inherited those traits from his wife.

Unknown to any of the crowd, a figure was watching from the rooftop. Clad in mostly black, one of her most prominent features was her cat eyes and a bow on top of her head. She takes one last look and smiles, before fleeing the scene. The eleven year old Blake Belladonna slipped away into the night, this speech leaving her with plenty to think about, especially her allegiance to the White Fang. Her partner Adam has been suggesting some unsavory ways to deal with discrimination. "I wish he could hear this..." she thought, traversing the rooftops with surprising ease.

Everyone filtered out, taking his or her respective transportation to get back home. The man let out a chuckle. "That was a good speech, eh?" He asked his family. "It was amazing." The woman said with conviction, before adding "Every time you give a speech it makes me fall in love with you all over again"

"Gross." The sister says to her brother, much to his amusement. He stuck out tongue and feigned disgust, before breaking down into a giggling fit, his sister following shortly. They took a moment to look at the surrounding city of Vale. The lights alone enough making the children gasp in wonder. Given their current age nothing special was wondrous to them. A flyer was pinned to a notice board in one of the shops, easily visible to both of the children. It prompted the great school of Beacon, for training the next generation of Hunters and Huntresses. "When I'm older I'm going to go there" (S/N) said in a matter of fact tone. "I'll go there too." (Y/N) replied with the same tone in his voice. "But how? I go to combat school, I have my own weapons, and I've been training for a good number of years... You have no formal training, only swinging around sticks and fighting imaginary foes when you think nobody is looking." (Y/N) immediately blushed, a sheepish smile growing on his face. "Well... I'll do it anyway, you can watch me." His sister thought for a moment, before smiling at her little brother. "20 Lien says otherwise." (S/N) fully believed that (Y/N) could do it, just her reputation as his sibling wouldn't allow her to say it.

"You're on!" (Y/N) states enthusiastically. "Sooo... Do you want to pay me in advance?" (S/N)'s scroll rings, indicating that she got a message and preventing (Y/N) from making a rebuttal. (S/N) heard the ringtone and groaned. "Really (Y/N), changing the ringtone again?" (Y/N) looked away and whistled, pretending that he didn't do anything. (S/N) glares at him with mock anger, before reading the text and grinning. "Hey Dad, can I go over to Lizzy's house? She got a puppy and just invited me to have a sleepover!" Her dad thinks for a moment, turning to his wife before answering the question. "Sure, I don't see why not, do you have your overnight bag in the car?" (S/N) thinks before answering "Yeah, I think so...  Thank you!" She usually kept an overnight bag in the car because her friends had a knack for throwing random sleepovers and telling her at the last possible minute. She suddenly surged forward and hugged her dad, before returning to walk next to her brother. "You're welcome, let's go get your bag." With that he goes to and walks over to the parked car and he got out a bag, tossing to his daughter. "Where does she live again?" Her dad asks, forgetting where his daughter's best friend lives. "Oh, she said she'd come with her dad and pick me up at Tukson's Book Trade." The shop was half a block away. "Ok, let's head there and we'll all wait for you to get picked up, just to be safe. Plus, I have been meaning to get a new book." With that the happy family headed over to the bookstore. Lizzy was waiting, had just arrived there. After some small talk between parents it was clear that (S/N) and Lizzy were getting impatient. "Bye (S/N), text us in the morning when you want to get picked up!" With those words (S/N) and Lizzy headed over to the parked car. "Bye, I'll check in later... Oh and (Y/N), don't go into my room!" Lizzy's dad started the car and left.

"I won't!" (Y/N) called out as they left. (Y/N)'s mom gave him a look that practically screamed 'really' and his dad chuckled. "Yeah, I bet your fingers crossed behind your back says otherwise." His dad stated and (Y/N) slowly lowered his hand to his side. "I have no idea what you're talking about." (Y/N) stated unconvincingly. The family headed into the bookstore, browsing as they went. They greeted Tukson, having been there many times and knew him well enough. (Y/N) went off on his own, finding some books that were to his liking. He gravitated to the sheet music section, have been taking piano lessons for quite some time and being natural gifted at it. He did not hear someone enter through the back, talking to Tukson in a gruff tone before turning to leave. His mom did, being part Faunus and alerted her husband. They made their way over to him, hidden by tall bookshelves. They observed the man, him wearing a midnight vest, steel toed boots, jet black combat pants, and a black sleeveless hoodie with some type of red logo on the back. The bodies showed off his well defined arms, tan and cut. The hood was up and covering his face in shadow. The two couldn't make sense of it.  The man noticed them as well, before muttering to himself "Well, boss said no witnesses." He pulled out a revolver from an inside jacket pocket and pulled the trigger, sending the bullet towards (Y/N)'s mom. (Y/N)'s dad immediately threw himself in front of his lover, taking a fatal wound to the heart.

(Y/N) heard it as well and sprinted towards the noise. He arrived as another shot rang out, killing his mom, her husband not being alive to protect her. Tears welled in his eyes and he let out a scream, throwing himself at the murderer. He tackled him and began to pummel him, before feeling himself being lifted up and thrown to the floor. Stunned, he had no time to react as the gun was pressed up against his forehead, his attacker crouching in front of him. He cocked his head slightly as he received new orders via earpiece. "Understood." he said before turning to the boy. "Welcome to Hell." He said before punching him in the head, effectively knocking him out.

(Y/N)'s attacker walked over to a bookshelf and put on the jacket that he draped there. It was all black, with a symbol on the back, a snarling predator with claw marks running behind it, all in red. This was the first example of a hostile White Fang member. He slung the boy over his shoulder and walked out of the shop, Tukson not in sight. He walked into an alleyway and emerged a moment later in a sleek black car. The car drove off into a shadier part of Vale, around where Junior's bar was located. He came to a boarded up building and drove to where the garage entrance was. He looked around for a moment before pressing a button on the rear view mirror of his car, the garage door sliding open smoothly. He drove it and it shut automatically, lights flashing down a tunnel. He drove down the tunnel and pulled up to the opening, walking out and scanning is scroll, hand, and retina. This door was heavily armored and rattled when it slid up, not bending but going in a recess cut into the ceiling. The car pulled up to a garage when similar cars were parked. He got out and dragged the boy from his car, pulling him up in a fireman's carry. He carried him past several unmarked doors and into a room with many pointy tools. Chains littered the floor, hooked directly to a generator. The man shackled (Y/N) to the wall, his arms and legs being pulled away from him, leaving no slack in the chains. The cuffs were special, spreading out so cover the arms and legs, up to the knee on the legs and up the elbows on the arms. A small control station was in the center of the room and he typed several commands into it. A grating metal sound was heard and spiked extended from each chain link. The shackles slowly extend needles into (Y/N)'s wrists, a line into his bloodstream available at every moment he was confined.    

More commands were issued and drugs were sent through the chains and into (Y/N), sending a jolt to his nerves and effectively waking him up. He shook and screamed in mind blowing pain. His screams died down and started up again, the volume not being constant. He screamed for several minutes, finally dying down as he  exhausted himself, panting and hanging his head. (Y/N) mustered up enough energy the raise his head and look around. The room wasn't in very good condition, having cracked walls and flaking paint. The walls used to be painted a blue color, but years of wear revealed the stone material that it as made of. Concrete walls and floors, not something that most modern buildings had. A small window on the door showed a pristine hallway, painted red and white. The hallway was in great condition, so it was safe to assume that this was the only room that hasn't been updated.

Taking a closer look around the room, (Y/N) saw a number of instruments clearly intended for the purpose of causing the most pain. Among these there were eye gorgers, an iron maiden, and a muzzle that forced your jaws apart, most likely breaking or dislocating your jaw. The most prominent objects in the room were an electrical generator attached to his chains and a control station to the immediate right of it. He focused on the man standing behind the control station and trembled rage, gritting his teeth and struggling against the chains, not caring if they cut into him. Then man smirked and pressed a button on the master controls. The generator started to hum and electricity was siphoned through the chains and into (Y/N), causing him to arch his back and scream in pain.

He switched off the power and the generator died down, the occasional crackle of electricity the only noise that could be heard. The man walked up to (Y/N) and examined him. "Hmm, this (L/N)'s kid, doesn't look like much." He thought before speaking up. "Welcome to Hell, population, you." (Y/N) struggled against his chains, almost catching the man off guard. "Oh, a feisty one are we? I'll enjoy breaking you." The man cracked his knuckles, before jabbing (Y/N) twice in the stomach and finishing with a strong punch to the face. (Y/N) reeled back the best he could and tried not to black out, the pain unbearable. Surprisingly, he didn't lose any of his teeth. However he did emit a quiet scream of pain. "I can tell you're a screamer.... Music to my ears." The torturer chuckled again, before walking back to the his master controls. "I believe since I know your name it's only fair that you know mine. I'm Kaneís or Neminem, whichever you prefer."

All (Y/N) did was unleash a withering glare at Kaneís. "Can I call you bitch?" Growing up with an older sister has imbued (Y/N) with many... colorful words and phrases he could use to insult somebody. Not that he ever used them when his parents were around of course. That would get him in trouble. Not that mattered right now, both his parents were... dead. What a depressing though, eh? It finally sunk in. He would never see his parents again. Never hear one of his father's equality speeches. Never have his mom wake him up in the morning telling him that he was late to school. Never be able to ask his father go outside to play catch. Never have his mom tell him to ask his father, only for his father to tell him to ask his mother. They were... gone. They would not be forgotten however. Too many people knew of his family to forget them. His dad had created quite an uproar in the community. Most people didn't advertise Faunus and Human interaction and coexistence, either in hate and spite or they were too scared of the consequences. The brave ones who did were often shunned by peers and shops for associating with Faunus. (Y/N)'s father wanted to change this... He never got the chance. He did everything he could to do so. It started with small talks with people in his community, his neighborhood. Some agreed, most didn't. He was lucky enough to meet the right people with connections who supported his cause, which led to him making bigger and bigger speeches. Some of his speeches were even televised for all of Vale to hear. He made a deal with the Schnee Dust Company to be able to use the CCTS's ((Cross Continental Transmit System)) signal and broadcast a speech to all of Remnant. It was all scheduled for next week, now word would get out he was killed... His son missing and his daughter the only one left. That must be terrible for the morale of the others who wanted to speak out against discrimination... And possibly instill fear from them, making them cease their search for justice.

(Y/N) snapped out of his thoughts, not wanting to think about that anymore. He didn't know what motive the White Fang would have for killing his mom and dad, but he did know one thing. He would make them pay. Obviously, he was still just a kid, not able to do much. But revenge doesn't have to be a bomb, destroying everything instantly. It could a dagger, slowly carving through flesh and slowly killing the victim. The slow moving poison running though the enemy's body, with each heartbeat killing them from the inside. (Y/N) vowed, no matter if it cost him his last breath, that he would make the White Fang's existence Hell for them.

Kaneís grinned manically before pressing a few buttons on his control board. "Let's see how long it takes to break you!" With those words, the chains start glowing, producing an enormous amount of heat. Inside each cuff there was no space where (Y/N)'s bare skin didn't touch the metal. In the cuff on the right arm, there were some words protruding and reversed, so when burned into the school it would brand the victim. The words read "Property of the White Fang." Kind of ironic, since you brand some animals, and the White Fang were trying not to be treated like animals. What hypocrites.

Just when (Y/N) blackout out and escaped the pain of the heat they switched off. "Ooh, we're going to have so much fun today, you can't sleep yet!" With those words Kaneís took out two paddles out of a metal contained next to him. His twin weapons, just paddles with holes at the end where he could shoot from. Essentially they were just repurposed defibrillators. Kaneís could turn the intensity up or down, so this wouldn't stop (Y/N)'s heart at he moment, just give him a painful shock. Kaneís, if nobody could tell, really like to use electricity to cause pain.

"Clear!" Kaneís shocked (Y/N) while laughing manically. (Y/N) grit his teeth but refused to give Kaneís the satisfaction of screaming. "Ooh, playing the tough guy eh?" Kaneís upped the intensity and laid the paddles on (Y/N), pushing him against the wall with pressure.  (Y/N) twitched but refused to scream, involuntary spasms wracking through his body.  "Let's try more—" but before Kaneís could continue, he received new instructions through his earpiece. "Looks like I have some other matters to attend to, you got lucky kid." With those parting words Kaneís began walking out.

"Oh, and before I forget, here's a parting gift!" The knife in a case by the door found it's way to (Y/N)'s right shoulder with considerable force, catching the unsuspecting child and forcing a scream from his lips. "Ah, there it is." Satisfied with his work, Kaneís exited the room, leaving the bleeding child still chained, only allowing knife in his shoulder to stem some of the bleeding. Exhausted, (Y/N) drifted to a fitful sleep, obviously not going to sleep well because of the position he was in and the events that occurred earlier.


Morning rolled in, or, that's what (Y/N) assumed. It was hard to tell when you were locked in a windowless room. No light was emitted from anywhere, save a single button on the control panel. That button was for one of two things: releasing the captive from the shackles and chains and also electrocuting them to near death. If a certain combination of buttons wasn't pressed before trying to release the prisoner, said victim would be shocked with an extremely unhealthy amount of electricity. It was carefully controlled so the victim wouldn't die, just experienced extreme pain. The combination was changed every week, the new codes only handed out to the higher members of the White Fang. This system was put in place so if any underlings tried to defect from the White Fang they wouldn't be able to release the prisoners to wreak havoc.

They chains and shackles themselves were made of a super-strong alloy. The metal was experimental, not in wide scale production because of its rarity and the high cost it takes to produce it. Under the right influence of Aura the metal is said to be controllable, nobody has been able to match that fit fortunately. The qualifications were unknown, more of a hit or miss with anyone who tried to control the metal. If you tried to force it and force your Aura into the metal, you'll catch fire and burn from the inside out. Not something that was pretty to watch. Since some prisoners use their Aura to block harm, chains and shackles of this metal seemed to be the most appropriate things to do. If they tried to use their Aura, they would feel the immediate consequence of the metal.

The door opened with a creak, its semi-rusty hinges squealing in protest. The light blinded (Y/N), his eyes only used to the pitch-black room he was confined to. He blinked rapidly, glaring at the entryway as it shut. A dull humming sound was heard and (Y/N) got to experience a shock of electricity as his wake up call. He let out a yelp, hanging limp with tears in his eyes. The electricity died down, the ocasional crackle coming from the chains.

"Good morning!" Kaneís exclaimed cheerfully, setting down a bag next to him. "Today I've brought you a friend, his name is Leroy, would you like to say hi?" He said as he brought out a cage from the bag, it having mirrored spaces in between the bars so nobody could see what was in there. "Well, you get to anyway!" Kaneís opened the cage to bring out a lizard of some sorts. He handled it carefully, wearing thick gloves before placing it on (Y/N)'a chest. It looked like a cross between a Bearded Dragon, Komodo Dragon, and a Grimm. The was big and heavy like a Komodo Dragon, had the face of a Bearded Dragon, and it was black with white bone armor like a Grimm. Notably there were spots in it the glowed a dim white. Leroy looked at (Y/N) quizzically, before Kaneís poked him in the tail with a needle. It's pupils shrunk into small silts and the white spots flared up, producing bone spikes from it. The spikes moved at incredibly high speeds and were extremely sharp, piercing many holes in (Y/N). They were barbed at the end and retracted slowly, tearing (Y/N)'a flesh even more before retracting.

The pain was unbearable and (Y/N) screamed, glancing at his upper torso to see many weeping wounds. He groaned through clenched teeth, before Kaneís smiled happily. "He likes you! Let's do that again, shall we?" He said, losing the shackles so (Y/N) was lying in the floor. He put Leroy on (Y/N) again and poked him once more, causing the spikes to extend again.

This process was done several times in different areas of (Y/N)'s body. He became numb, all the pain luring into one never-ending burst, the loss of blood and lack of food making him extremely weak. His vision darkened and flashed, as he slowly slipped into unconsciousness.

Kaneís smiled at the unconscious boy, pulling the chains tight against the wall as (Y/N) was slung up like a decoration for everyone to see. He couldn't wait to try out all his tricks and toys on (Y/N). He hadn't have had a plaything in a while, the last having gone insane and to the Looney Bin. Nobody escapes the Looney Bin. Nobody believes what anyone says in the Looney Bin too, so Kaneís had no way of getting exposed.

Kaneís set a five minute timer, allowing (Y/N) to rest for that long while getting out more of his toys. He twisted his weapons together,
forming a shock prod ((Like a cattle prod)), and tuning it on, hearing the crackle of electricity and waiting for it to warm up. He walked over to a panel low in the wall and kicked it, revealing a passage carved into the wall. He walked inside and surveyed the shelves and cabinets. "Eenie meenie miney mo, catch an Ursa by his toe, if he hollers let him go, eenie meenie miney mo." Kaneís chanted, his spinning while singing. When he stopped his finger was pointing to a black case on the table, some prototype weapon of some sorts.

He walked over to the case and opened it, its dark velvet interior containing something very interesting. It was something that looked like a hot glue gun with some modifications. It's tip had a thick, sharp needle protruding from it. The end of the needle was slightly smaller than the body, able to retract and inject larger objects into the victim. The black body of the gun was regular enough, it having an orange trigger and a cartridge in the bottom for a power source and/or Dust. The slot where you'd usually put the hot glue was longer and thicker.

In the velvet next to the gun was a single vial, filled with many small, mechanical, monstrosities. The nano-bots inside were made to cause the most pain from the inside of the body, having a drill tip, needles, little tasers, and pads that heated up to an unhealthy level. They could expand to block blood flow and had a tracking chips installed in them, so they knew where the victim was at all times. Their special little surprise was rather... explosive. They came with a remote detonator, controlled by a cliché red button and also via Scroll. If the victim gets too far the bots will self-destruct, killing the victim. You couldn't short-circuit these bots and they had a self-repair system installed, which would also function to fix any broken bots as well.

Kaneís picked up the case and slid the vial into the gun, heading it set with a satisfying click. Walking back just as the timer rang he set the gun down, picking up his weapon and thrusting it onto (Y/N)'s torso, effectively reviving him from unconsciousness. (Y/N) groaned and spasmed in pain, not able to brace himself as he was shocked.

"Wakey wakey." Kaneís sung, poking (Y/N) with the prod one last time for good measure before setting it down, powering it off so he wouldn't accidentally shock himself. He picked up his "Hot Glue Gun Of Death" and a dart that was on the metal rolling table next to him. He closed his eyes and held the dart between his fingers. "Now don't move." He warned, throwing it with surprising accuracy for having his eyes closed. It hit (Y/N) in his left arm, right next to a vein. "Hmm... ok!" Kaneís said after inspecting the spot, slamming the needle into (Y/N)'s jugular vein, not at all trying to be gentle. (Y/N) screamed in pain, , it unsurprisingly hurting quite a bit.

"I admit... I just wanted to throw a dart." Kaneís shared, his insane smile almost being able to be heard in his voice. "Now those little buggers in you will do my job when I'm away. I like to call them "Kaneís-bots. You can't trace em' and if you do something that I don't like, you get to feel more pain than you've ever felt before. Doesn't that sound fun?"

(Y/N) didn't reply, to exhausted to come up with a witty comeback. "I said, doesn't that sound fun!?!" Kaneís growled, pressing something in his Scroll as the boys slowly whirled their drills, instant pain shooting through (Y/N)'s sensitive insides.

(Y/N) tensed up but said nothing, not able to comprehend what was happening to him. Kaneís suddenly stopped the nano-bots, glaring at (Y/N). "Look at the time, I have to go, goodnight." With that he pressed his Scroll, punching (Y/N) and causing electricity to shoot through him, effectively causing the most suffering as possible.

Kaneís left, not turning off the nano-bots until a good 10 minutes had passed. What that sick man does in his free time, nobody wants to know.


The next day, or at least the next time Kaneís came in, seemed to arrive way too quickly for (Y/N). Sleep doesn't come easy to someone who's pinned to a wall, being shocked at random times, and had a knife protruding from their shoulder. Kaneís opened the door a little bit, before kicking it open, the loud noise alerting (Y/N) that his day was about to begin.

"Today's test day! You better have brought a pencil!" Kaneís cheered, pulling an unnaturally sharp pencil from his pocket and stabbing it in one of (Y/N)'s open wounds. (Y/N) screamed briefly, before taking deep breaths to contain the pain.

"Ooh... you like to breathe? Well I do too! The thing is... their can only be one." Kaneís said cryptically, before grabbing (Y/N)'s throat in a vice-like grip. Black spots began to dance along (Y/N)'s vision, him losing consciousness slowly. Kaneís stopped choking him and pressed his Scroll, causing a jolt of electricity to course through (Y/N)'s body.

"Hey! You can't sleep yet! You'll miss your test!" Kaneís exclaimed, before doing the unthinkable, tapping his Scroll again, the chains releasing (Y/N). Having no energy whatsoever, (Y/N) collapsed on the ground, struggling to stand. He got to his knees before Kaneís kicked him over.

"Did I say you can't stand?" Kaneís asked, waiting before ordering in a fake sweet voice. "You can stand now!" He said as (Y/N) leaned heavily on the wall, only to be pushed over once again. "Did I say you can use the wall?" Kaneís asked, forcing (Y/N) to stand as he dragged him out of the door. The hallway was well lit, being pristine and clean, if you didn't count the bloodstains (Y/N) left as he was dragged.

They came to a crossroads of sorts, (Y/N) looking down the halls. One side was labeled "Cafeteria" and had big double doors which led into it. (Y/N) definitely wanted some food, but alas, he was allowed some until he was in the brink of death... more so than now.

Directly opposite of that was where they came from was the "Fun Room", which (Y/N) was already well acquainted with.

On his right (Y/N) saw a break room of sorts, which had a small table used for holding conferences. (Y/N) saw the back of someone's head, and a boy with red hair, two horns on the top sides of his head, and a mask staring at him. The mask had two slits in each side and looked like a variation of the typical White Fang mask. The head that wasn't facing him had long, raven hair and a black bow on the top of her head. At least, (Y/N) assumed the bow wearing person was a she, as he's never seen a boy wear a bow.

(Y/N) was dragged to his left down the one hallway he didn't have time to inspect, it simply just having double doors. The doors opened right before they entered, leading them into a pitch black room. (Y/N) could hear the gutural sound of inhuman breathing as his eyes strained to adjust to the room. Kaneís stopped walking and shoved (Y/N), who fell towards the ground. The ground was a lot farther away than expected, Kaneís being a good 15 feet higher than the floor.

"Welcome to your test, pass or die, simple." Kaneís said cryptically, flipping a switch, causing chains to rattle. The breathing increased in volume and seemed to multiply all around (Y/N) as more chains rattled. The breathing got closer and closer until (Y/N) saw these two, red dots right in front of him. Looking around, he saw that the dots surrounded him, all at a taller than average height.

The whooshing sound was heard and pain exploded from (Y/N)'s back, going down from his left shoulder diagonally to the bottom of his back. He turned as he cried out, trying to identify what hit him. As he turned pain exploded from the right shoulder, going diagonally once again and reaching the bottom of his back.

(Y/N) cried out again, flung from the force and breaking the circle. He pieced it together, the snarling, the red eyes, the stature, and the pain. The was against Creatures of Grimm, more specifically Beowolves. He had only one weapon to defend himself, the knife that was never removed from his shoulder.

He gripped the handle with his left hand, bracing himself to do it as the Grimm got closer and closer. "3..2...1!" (Y/N) counted down in his head, ripping the knife out of his shoulder and screaming in agony.

He watched as the the red eyes got closer, a whooshing sound being heard again. He threw himself to the side, his wounds screaming in protest. He was running off of adrenaline and willpower at this point.

He counted the eyes, reaching the conclusion that their were eight of them. If every Beowolf has 2 eyes, their would be four of them. The eyes got closer and closer, (Y/N) taking an imperfect stance with the knife. Two eyes broke away from the group and rushed (Y/N). Inside of throwing himself away from it he threw himself toward it, stabbing the knife in the chest of the Grimm. The knife itself was pretty long and in the one in a million chance it pierced the spine of the Beowolf, effectively paralyzing and killing it. (Y/N) charged the closest set of eyes, diving backwards every time he heard a whoosh. He stabbed it multiple times until the eyes red eyes were seeing no more. Two down, two to go.

The first set of red eyes charged him, diving and tackling him. The claws shredded through his upper torso as he screamed in pure agony, managing to stab the Beowolf dead. He stood up slowly and shakily, before dropping down onto one knee. One more to go. The eyes regarded him warily, before rushing him with surprising speed. (Y/N) dove forward, trying to get lucky. Unfortunately, luck wasn't on his side. The Beowolf was smart, jumping over the boy and clawing him mid-air. (Y/N) screamed again, the claws raking down his back and right leg. He turned and stabbed blindly, only to his sone sort of hard armor on the Grimm. It retaliated by opening its jaws and biting down on (Y/N)'s right shoulder. This gave (Y/N) the opportunity to kill it, finishing the last of the Grimm off.

He smiled grimly in pain, fading in and out of consciousness. All the Grimm thrown at him were dead, but he might join them soon. He laid back, bleeding profusely and succumbing to exhaustion, finally losing the battle and slipping into unconsciousness.


The sound of chains dragging woke (Y/N) up. "Get up human." A gruff voice commanded, as something hit (Y/N) in his right shoulder, making him almost scream in pain. His eyes flew open and he glared at who hit him in the shoulder. A man stared back at him, being one of the White Fang underlings. "Mr. Kaneís told me to watch you until he gets here, he has some business to take care of." The man sneered, before hitting (Y/N) in the shoulder again.

"Are you stupid or something? Say something!" The man exclaimed with frustration as (Y/N) just glared at him. "Fine, don't, I don't care anyway." The man said with a scowl this time.

The door opened and the grunt suddenly stood to attention, his posture righting itself as he stood as stiff as a board. "Mr. Kaneís, sir, the boy is awake, just like you asked. Will that be all?" He asked, making sure not to break his military behavior in front of authority.

"Yes, now, LEAVE!" Kaneís barked at the man, frightening him and prompting him to scurry off fast. "You can't find good help these days, eh." Kaneís said as he looked at (Y/N), expecting him to answer. A minute went by before Kaneís allowed (Y/N) the small victory. Kaneís walked over to the control panel and typed a few commands in, a section of the wall sliding back and a large rolling cart coming out, with various implements of torture laid on the top. "We're going to have a lot of fun together." He said as he picked up a circular spinning saw and walked over to (Y/N).

That was six years ago. Six years in this place. It's like Hell, but worse. (Y/N) didn't do anything to deserve this, yet the burden was thrust upon him. (Y/N) had matured a lot, going from this happy, energetic, optimistic nine year old to this lifeless, dull, unemotional broken 15 year old.  

Six years of constant, unyielding torture and Kaneís only seemed to get crueler with age. His last trick has sent (Y/N) into a daze, allowing (Y/N) to believe he escaped before recapturing him. He was so close to winning in a game that was rigged for him to fail. He saw sunlight, sunlight! Not this artificial white light that he's been accustomed to.

Surprisingly, he's kept his same appearance as before, only with way more scars, unkempt hair, and lifeless eyes. They say that eyes are the windows to the soul, and (Y/N)'s soul was broken long ago. Not that anything else was expected, it was only a matter of time.

One thing has kept (Y/N) clinging on to his last shred of life; his sister. His sister was still alive, somewhere out there, somewhere that he would go if he escaped. This was the only hope he had, his only driving force.

The door opened and the familiar silhouette of Kaneís filled the doorway. Kaneís hit as switch bear the door and the lights hummed to life, as well as the generator. "Good morning!" Kaneís greeted in his sickening sing-song tone of voice as the generator warmed up.  "Time to wake up!" The generator hummed to life and a large amount of voltage coursed through the chains and into (Y/N)'s body. Their were no cries of pain, those have faded long ago. Only writhing and shaking as the electrical current wreaked havoc on (Y/N)'a nervous system and caused him to twitch involuntarily.

The torture has gotten to be so intense and so frequent that shaking fits have frequently coming over (Y/N) as result of a damaged nervous system. This could all be healed with an unlocked Aura, but (Y/N) wasn't fortunate enough to have someone unlock it for him.

If something has come from six years of torture was training. (Y/N) was frequently pitted against human, Faunus and Grimm foes alike, often with brutal handicaps. Plenty of different circumstances were staged but the most frequent is an abundance of enemies coupled with an very dynamic terrain. (Y/N) has to adapt quickly in order to survive, as their was no other way to pass.

One thing that (Y/N) learned was that he had inherited some Faunus traits from his mother. The most prominent being able to see in the dark. At surfaced after his first fight with the Beowolves, probably something in the torture triggered it.

He didn't let on the he could see in the dark. Why would he? It could be his greatest asset in getting out of here. Plus, if one thing like that could be awakened, Kaneís might use that as incentive to genetically experiment on (Y/N).

All the fighting and dodging (agility courses weren't uncommon) have done (Y/N) well. He was built, but still sickly thin. The reflexes were sharper than ever before, built up by surprises that were thrown at him during fights and tests.

The electricity stopped and the generator died down. "Well, we have a fun day planned today we're going to—" Kaneís was cut off by a red light flashing on the wall. It only flashed in emergencies. The only emergency that could happen here was intruders. The alarm wouldn't sound unless the intruders got to the lower level that they were on, because there was no needed to lose the element of stealth.

Fighting could be heard and the alarm sounded, letting out an obnoxious noise. "Well, looks like we have visitors, hang back while I take care of them. Oh, don't forget your present!" Kaneís said as he flung as knife into (Y/N) right shoulder, the same spot he did six years ago. No screams of pain were heard this time.

Kaneís smirked when he walked out of the door. He walked over to his weapons and picked them up, before going to the flight of stairs that connected the floors. He was about up halfway before  a door opened a golden blur sped over to him and socked him right in the face. He flew down the stairs and into a wall, creating a crater with his body.

Kaneís grunted as he pulled himself out of the hole he created, facing the blur that his him. It was a girl, around 17 years of age. She had a fair skin and a long, golden mane of hair. She stood about four inches shorter than himself. Her face was pretty, only her red eyes and angered expression off putting.

She wore a tan vest with puffy cap sleeves, and black cuffs with two gold buttons on the sides of each cuff. Her vest was adjourned with gold piping. Under that was a gold crop-top which appeared to have a symbol of a black, biting heart. Her vest didn't cover her torso all the way, exposing a fair bit of skin near her stomach/navel area.

She wore a brown belt with a pouch, a buckle, and a banner-like object on it. The banner had the flaming heart in gold on it. Under that she wore short black shorts and over the shorts she wore a long, white, skirt-like piece of clothing.

She wore long brown boots with a orange sock going up past them on her left leg. On that leg she had a dark bluish-purple bandana-like cloth tied above the boot. On her right leg no long orange sock was visible, only an orange version of the bandana-like cloth.

Her most interesting feature was her hands and was adjourned that area. She was wearing black, fingerless gloves under a sort of gauntlet.  The gauntlets were golden, just like much of her outfit. She held them in a boxers stance, swaying lightly on her feet and ready to punch Kaneís into oblivion.

She let out a battle cry before charging Kaneís, punching directly towards his face. He anticipated that as he leaned back slightly, just out of arms reach. What he didn't anticipate was a shotgun-like shot to come out of the gauntlet and explode in his face. He was sent back into his crater, dazed. He recorded before she had a chance to pummel him further, drawing his own weapons and twisting them together into their shock prod form. He held it like a rapier, only a small touch from it enough to shock the opponent into unconsciousness.

Yang didn't seem deterred as she charged again, getting in range of the prod. He swung lightly and quickly, almost certain that he'd hit her. He utterly failed. She ducked under it with practiced ease and uppercutted him in the stomach, firing her weapon as she did to give it the extra power it needed. He was sent through a doorway and met with a red scythe pointed at him. The hole in the top was enough to suggested that this was also a gun. His suspicions were confirmed right away as a trigger was pulled and he was shot, square in the forehead. He flew back down the stairs where Blondie waited. She punched him into the ground as he lost consciousness, beaten into submission.

He chuckled grimly as his last few moments of consciousness were approaching. He took out his Scroll and typed in two commands, managing to hit send right before he passed out, blood running out of many wounds on his body. The alarms switched to this yellow light and a dull hum was heard. A scream of pain soon followed, not relenting as pure agony was conveyed through that wordless message. Yang opened the stairs door cautiously, motioning for Ruby to come with her. Ruby obliged, appearing by Yang's side in a flash of rose petals, deeply contrasting the stark white floor. Ruby reloaded and cocked her weapon as Yang did the same, both of them in ready stances as they stepped into the hallway. The screaming continued, coming from a slightly ajar room diagonal for the staircase. The small bit of floor they could see was concrete, gray and dirty, very opposite of the clean hallways they've traversed to get there.

Yang used a shotgun blast to open the door, rolling in at the ready, Ruby close behind her. They took in the surroundings, the sloping floors, bloodstains, control panel, small generator, and rolling cart. More stuff was hidden in another part of the room, but what really stole their attention was the chains. Their eyes followed the chains and saw a boy, no more than Ruby's age, handing limply from the chains. He was obliviously the one who was screaming, as he was panting. The screaming stopped as they opened the door and he still twitches and convulsed in pain.

Ruby covered her mouth with one hand, stifling a gasp as small tears sprung to her eyes. To see the boy in such a pitiful condition was heartbreaking. Yang clenched her hands into fists in anger. The boy reminded her of Ruby, then being around the same age. She imagined Ruby in this condition, her eyes turning red and her hair starting to glow.

Ruby rushed over to the control panel, which was essentially a computer in the middle of the room. She tried to type in it, only to get the "enter password" screen. She guessed thrice, typing in "White Fang", "Faunus", and "Equality". On the third wrong attempt the generator hummed to life, its top glowing and the humming noise was heard again. Ruby and Yang could see and hear the electricity as it traveled up the chains, the powerless to stop it. Destroying the generator wouldn't work, who knew what it was powering. Plus, many of the doors were power doors, which meant that if the electricity was shut down they could be trapped there forever. Or at least until they'd destroy the doors with their weapons, although this place was made like a bunker, the doors would prove to be a worthy opponent.

The electric current and generator showed no sign of dying down. Only the crackle of electricity and the spasms of the boy made it clear that it was still running. At this rate, it should be lethal very soon. Ruby and Yang needed to act quick in order to save the boy.

"Ruby, get Weiss and Blake... they'll know what to do. You're faster with your semblance, we need to get him out of here as soon as possible." Yang explained with urgency in her voice. She wouldn't split up with her sister, nobody knew how much this base stretched.


While Yang and Ruby were taking down Kaneís and finding (Y/N) Weiss and Blake were exploring the upper levels of the base, trying to gather as much intel as possible. Blake's footsteps echoed down an empty hallway. She check each room, finding nothing abnormal so far. She reached a dead end and tapped on the wall in various places, trying to see if anything was behind the walls. She found nothing and she walked back to the intersection she split up with Weiss at. Everything here seemed so foreign, yet so familiar.

Blake heard footsteps heading towards her but she dismissed it. Weiss and her haven't found anyone here... this place was as desolate as a ghost town. She continued her examining of the room, looking up at the ceiling, trying to see if anything held any secrets. A glass chandelier was hanging above her. It was a clever invention, looking like someone threw something at a glass cylinder, piece like tiny teardrops splaying out from the center. Something didn't add up though. The light shining through was fine, but the shadow on the floor didn't match up. On of the crystals had a abnormal shadow, like something clear hidden inside.

She craned her neck to get a better view. The abnormality was made of glass, like the chandelier itself. She needed to get it, but carefully. Weiss got closer, something Blake found odd since she hadn't said anything. Blake concentrated, something sounding odd. The footsteps sounded... heavier than the one's Weiss usually took. Blake's eyes widened in realization as she fell flat on her back, just narrowly dodging a saber that would have separated her head from her body.

She pushed her hands on the ground and spun, flipping herself on her stomach and sweeping the legs of her opponent. She rolled backwards, analyzing what she saw in front of her. A higher ranked White Fang grunt, getting up. He had a medium build and a wicked looking saber at his side. She pulled out Gambol Shroud, not taking the katana out of the cleaver sheath. She rushed him with great speed, clotheslining him with the sheath and dragging him along the ground, before slinging him into the wall, knocking him out cold. The impact of it caused the chandelier to jolt, one of its supporting hooks popping. One by one they popped, before it was hanging by one. She jumped up and just barely snagged the abnormal shard decoration before it fell, everything shattering. She rolled forwards upon landing, just barely avoiding the flying glass yards everywhere.

Weiss came running to the scene, having heard the two loud crashes. She saw Blake breathing heavily, an unconscious grunt, and broken glass everywhere.

"You dunce, what did you do this time?" Weiss asked exasperatedly, surveying the scene. "He caught me by surprise." Blake replied, having caught her breath and examining the glass shard. Upon further examination the space was not made of  glass, but rather water.

"Weiss, have you seen any keyholes around, anything this could belong to?" Blake asked, handing the shard to Weiss.

"No, not at all... this place has been completely mundane. Why would Professor Ozpin send us to investigate a White Fang base like this. This is still in Vale, still in the kingdom. I've been past this place billions of times before. How are we sure this is an actual base?!" Weiss exclaimed, getting frustrated.

"Maybe Ruby and Yang found something different."

"Ugh, speaking of Ruby, in going to have to show her this." Weiss said, picking up the saber. Weiss had lost a bet the earlier day to Ruby. She now had to show her the coolest weapon she could find by the end of the week, only without spending money and the weapon needs to be shown in person. The reason the saber fit the criteria was the blade, which looked like a Rainbow Aura Quartz in color. She felt the blade, it was metal. Something that could be melted down and reformed into something else.

She held the saber gingerly, not having anywhere to put it. Blake sighed and took it from her, attaching it to one of the magnetic strips that she attached Gambol Shroud to.

"There, now let's move on." Blake said, walking down the only hall they haven't explored yet. The were halfway down the hall when Blake founded something peculiar.

"Weiss, come here." She motioned to Weiss and stopped at a door. He door had a faint glowing like coming from the crack. Someone had left the light on.

"3...2...1." Blake mouthed as she broke down the door and Weiss took Myrtenaster from her side and held it at the ready. Inside was a simple wooden desk with the computer monitors on it. A purple swivel chair was there along with an Ursa plushy sitting in between the second and third monitor. A simple desk fan was in between the first and second monitors, angled where the person would be sitting.

The monitors showed security feed going on in the building, along with a schematic of the building. Weiss took her Scroll out and took a picture of the schematic. Weiss sat down at the desk and flipped through camera feeds as Blake kept watch, making sure nobody else came through. Blake picked up the schematic and looked it over.

"Weiss... why do these stairwells lead to nothing?" She asked, pointing to the door at the end of the hallways she was in.

Before Weiss had time to answer the stairwell door slammed open and a flash of red flew out. The flash skidded to a stop inferior of Blake to reveal herself to be Ruby.

"Weiss...Blake...come quick!" She painted out before rocketing back to the stairs, Weiss and Blake barely able to keep up. Blake still had the schematic and saber in her possession as she chased down Ruby. Weiss made a glyph in front of Blake and made in for herself, propelling them both to the end of the hall where Ruby turned. The made it to the room where Ruby entered and were shocked at what they saw.

One Yang, hair glowing and eyes red, fuming. One control panel, the occasional red light flashing and a progress bar slowly filling to 100%. It was at 57% now. One generator, humming and glowing from its top. One rolling cart, full with various sharp, bloodstained implements. Chains, cracking with electricity. One boy, chained to a wall and writhing as the electric current ran through his body.

Weiss's eyes widened and shut quickly as she turned away and Blake couldn't look away, showing morbid interest in this. Her eyes flashed back and forth from the panel to the boy, to progress bar at 60% now. The electricity seemed to get stronger as the bar filled. She rushed over to the panel, trying to cancel it. All it read was "Input Code" and it showed a letter combination lock. She tried "Adam", which made the console flash and the bar to leap to 69% now. She tried a few more, each incorrect attempt causing the bar to fill 9% more. She was at 96% now, with the bar rising steadily. She looked at the schematic in her hand, hopelessly trying to see if a hint was on it. Nothing. The bar rose, at 99% now, with the electricity rattling the chains and the boy struggling more and more. She tried one last attempt... "Blake".

The console flashed green and she was able to deactivate the electricity. She looked on the console, finding a red button that said "Prisoner Release". She pressed it and the generator started up again, along with a cranking noise. The chains were slowly being drawn into the wall. Ruby took action and slashed a chain, only to get shocked as her scythe rebounded.

"Yang, punch the wall, then we'll cut the chains from the walls! Ruby, destroy the generator!" Blake said as she typed a command that rerouted the generator power to the main power, so the doors would still work.

She vaulted over the console, just as Yang punched the four points where the chains were receding. Blake slashed behind the chain crank, disabling it and freeing the chain from the wall. Yang did the same, while Weiss and Ruby got the remaining chains out of the wall.

The boy fell, almost hitting the ground before Yang caught him. She said nothing, just lifeless him up bridal style as he was on no condition to stand. He looked up at her, before croaking out a shaky "M-move."

The console beeped and the message "Chains Damaged" popped up before almost all of the floor fell away, dropping the four huntress-in-training and prisoner  into a slide-like tunnel, before depositing them into a huge, open space. The arena, the place where (Y/N) learned to fight. He stood up weakly, his muscles screaming in protest as he wobbled unsteadily. The sound of chains lowering was accompanied by growling. A ripple of electricity was seen and a collective yelping was heard.

The girls of Team RWBY groaned and stood at the ready. They heard the growls and could see the glowing red eyes. Blake could see perfectly, due to her being a Faunus. (Y/N) took a defensive stance, the Team RWBY doing the same. Ruby punched a frantic command into her Scroll. The Beowolves howled, the Ursa roared, the King Taijitu hissed, and the Death Stalkers clicked their pincers together angrily. The wave of Grimm stood in the darkness, before a single Alpha Beowulf charged, the rest following in a thundering wave. Team RWBY began to fire at the Grimm, each shot taking a Grimm down and lighting up the crowd for a second. A good portion of the wave was taken down before they reached Team RWBY and (Y/N). (Y/N) ducked as a Beowolf swung at his head. He swung a his hand and the corresponding chain hit the Grimm, knocking it back a bit.

Each girl was dealing with the Grimm easily, but for every one killed two took their place. Yang was punching through a pack of Beowolves with reckless abandon, Ruby was dodging strikes form Death Stalkers easily. Weiss was regally destroying each Ursa that crossed her path and Blake was dodging attacks from a King Taijitu with effortless grace.

Blake was knocked back and the saber slid off of her back, sliding next to a downed (Y/N). He grasped it weakly and thrust it upward, into the chest of a Beowolf. He was breathing heavily, his arms shaking with effort. He pulled the saber out and kicked the Beowolf off of him, standing up slowly. The girls had done well, almost no Grimm remained.

The Grimm that remained charged the girls, with them dispatching them easily. They stopped to take a breather, Ruby sitting down while the rest of them stood. A loud roar was heard and the girl's cried out a warning, but it was too late. A Creep rammed into (Y/N), knocking him on his back and sliding him into a wall. His chains duh into his back, cutting into if. He groaned, sitting in his very own personal crater, too weak to move. His vision faded in and out as the girls dispatched the Creep, before he finally succumbed to unconsciousness.


Since the fight was in a subterranean arean, they had no Scroll signal. When the girls (plus one unconscious boy) emerged up top the command Ruby issued in her Scroll finally went through. Within moments a Bullhead arrived on the scene, with Team JNPR charging out at the ready. They stopped when they saw a bruised and battered Team RWBY emerge from the base. Pyrrha really questioned what the hell just happened when she saw the unconscious boy slung over Yang's shoulder.

"Soooo, who's your friend?!" Nora asked with her usual chopper artitude when she saw the boy, although her happy mood faded when she saw what condition he was in. He was wearing the tatters of some pants and no shirt. Everywhere the eye could see there was a scar. Wounds littered his body as well. Some new, some old, all untreated. Jaune took a step back and Ren looked on in shock. Pyrrha covered her mouth in shock, her eyes widening.

"Let's get back into the Bullhead and head to Beacon, we're going to need some serious help." Yang said, walking into the Bullhead and laying the boy on the floor, mindfully so. As she didn't want his shackles to cut into him even more. He could slide off of the seat. The last he needed was more damage to his fragile state.

Pyrrha watched, before solemnly walking over to (Y/N) as her friends found seats in the Bullhead. She knelt down next to him, placing a hand on his wrist, finding a weak pulse. She splayed her hand on his chest and took a deep breath, before speaking in a quiet voice.

"For it is in passing that we achieve immortality. Through this, we become a paragon of virtue and glory to rise above all. Infinite in distance and unbound by death, I release your soul, and by my shoulder, protect thee." She said softly, her hand glowing red while (Y/N) glowed with a (F/C) light.

Some wounds improved to more favorable conditions as the Bullhead arrived at Beacon. The doors opened, a new beginning for (Y/N), finally free from his prison. Although he still had his shackles on, he was free, although... you can never escape that past.


And that, my friends, is my new and improved chapter. Forgive me for the mistakes, I haven't edited this as much... I wanted to release it tiday, commemorating the release of Volume 4! Although I'm not a member, so I'll wait patiently for the all viewers release. Until next chapter, I hope you like it!

Questions? Comments? Concerns? Leave it down below and I'll answer them to the best of my ability, although, I won't spoil any of my story!

This story will follow the plot line of the real series, along with my own special twist. Until next chapter, sorry for the wait!
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